School Development Plan summary

A Summary of our School Development Planning at Crossgates CP School.

‘Growing together, Learning Forever’

Our School Development Plan (SDP) provides a strategic overview of how we will work to improve opportunities for both pupils and staff over the course of an academic year. The plan focuses on how we feel we can achieve the priorities plus what resources will be used, including effective spending of grants to ensure the needs of all of our pupils are met.

The curriculum and assessment (Wales) 2021 Act challenges all schools to support national priorities of

-Improving pupils’ progression by ensuring their learning is supported by a range of knowledge, skills and experience.

-Reducing the impact of poverty on pupils’ progression and attainment.

A summary of the academic year 2022- 2023 is below followed by a summary of future priorities in 2023-2024 and 2024-2025.

The plan will be monitored by our School Improvement Advisor and Governing Body.

The school will look for support within professional dialogue, professional research, visiting best practice, attending professional network events arranged by the Local Authority and further afield. The school will also work closely with others in the Calon Cymru cluster.

Priority one–To develop children’s reasoning and problem solving skills. What we’re aiming for –   To ensure that all pupils experience opportunities to reason and apply their mathematical knowledge and skills in a range of context through problem solving and shared experiences.  
Priority two-  Embed the use of HAKA across the school to develop provision and opportunities for science investigations What we’re aiming for Develop children’s skills in applying the scientific method: learn to conduct a range of enquiries, take measurements accurately, present data, make predictions and draw conclusions from evidence.
Priority three- To promote knowledge and understanding of children’s rights through embedding a whole school approach to emotional and mental well being What we’re aiming for Everyone involved with the school places wellbeing at the heart of all they do.  Inclusion is valued, where everybody works together, contributing their skills and resources to the collective good. There is a shared understanding of what constitutes a supporting environment where young people are encouraged to fulfil their personal and academic potential, supported by staff who operate in a culture which values everyone’s wellbeing
Priority four Provide regular opportunities for all pupils to write creatively, at length, across a broad range of genres What we’re aiming for – Create opportunities for writing, inspired by meaningful events and experiences in texts and real life, to enable children to talk and write about their own feelings and experiences. For children to be given time and space to use writing as a tool for thinking, and opportunities to share ideas and preferences, take ownership over their choices and develop the confidence to play around with language features, writing conventions and form.

Future priorities

Priorities for 2023-2024Priorities for 2024-2025
Re-develop “Pupil Progress Meetings” to align with school expectations of standards and progress in line with the curriculum for Wales  
Embed the use of Welsh across the school meeting the majority of the Cymraeg Campus silver award targets  
To continue to improve opportunities for pupils to develop and apply their digital skills  
To deepen understanding of the principles of progression. Continue to embed successful methods of assessing the pupil’s learning journey.  
To develop all staff as leaders of learning to further improve standards through strengthening the school as a learning organisation   
Tracking progression in learning throughout the school and to ensure that provision is effective for different groups of learners  
To continue to provide health and wellbeing strategies to ensure pupils develop the wellbeing qualities that will lead to healthy and confident individuals enabling them to achieve their full potential.  
Further improve ALN provision to meet the needs of all learners    
To build a culture of professional learning that is rigorous, evidence based and collaborative whilst focussing upon preparing for a Curriculum for Wales and wider education reform.