School Governors

Our Governing Body currently consists of 14 Governors, 3 are Local Authority Representatives, 4 are Parent Governors, 3 are Community Governors, 1 is a Minor Authority representative, 2 are Staff/Teacher Governors and the Headteacher.   The Governors are listed below together with their photo.    Should you wish to contact  the Governors over any issues please feel free to contact the Clerk of the Governors, Mrs Anne Price at the School Office (tel: 01597 851667 or e-mail: admin@crossgates, and she will be happy to put you in touch.

Our Governors


                                        Claire Lewis – Local Authority Governor

Claire Lewis Parent


                                      Mark Stafford-Tolley – Community Governor


Kathryn Griffiths – Local Authority Governor

Kathryn Griffiths Vice Chair LA

                                       John Powell – Local Authority Governor

rJohn Powell LA

                                         Adam Morton – Community Governor


                                       Andrew Morgan – Community Governor

                                        Andrew Morgan Community

                                        Verity Pritchard – Teacher Governor

Mrs V Pritchard - Class 2 Teacher

Caroline Stokes – Staff Governor

Caroline Stokes Staff Rep

                                                Brian Jardine – Parent Governor

    Brian Jardine Parent Gov

Michelle Hendry – Parent Governor


Roger Davies – Parent Governor


Mel Ross – Parent Governor


Clare Haslam – Minor Authority Governor


                                              Lisa Williams – Headteacher

Headteacher - Mrs Lisa Williams